Sunday, 31 January 2010


OMG! I can see palm trees! Well, I can when I turn and face the other way... This is my balcony and being here is much better than watching Dancing on Ice in the freezing cold UK. Yay, for being abroad.


  1. Oh Melman that looks like a fab place to be, I'm told I'm going to the same country as you in 8 weeks time so any info gratefully recieved. Did you have you passport? Or were you smuggled in like Monkey was when he went away with Ali? Can't wait to keep up with you and get the rest of the gang to drop in on you too. Curly.

  2. Great to meet you Melman, you look like you are having a great time out there!
    So pleased you have decided to join all of us toys and share your adventures with us.

  3. Hello Melman. That looks to be a great view. Are there any good ponds out there? Quack quack

  4. Melman, Lynne and Peter say they have been to Florida and it is warmer that here?No frost or snow?
    It looks very scary from where you are standing, perhaps you shouldn't turn round LOL. You might fall through those railings...take care my friend and come home soon, your friend Clemmie xx