Wednesday, 3 March 2010

All packed!

I've been very quiet recently as Laura hasn't been taking me
anywhere. I wanted to go to work with her, but she "forgot" to take
me. She always tells me "maybe next time", but that never seems to

She and John also conveniently forgot to take me to Loch Fyne last
Friday, but they said that was genuine and they really DID mean to
take me.

At least I'm all ready for the Bijoux Belles retreat. Can't wait to
meet Curly. Hopefully there will be lots of chances to have my
photo taken. I enjoy posing. :)

Melman x


  1. So nice to see you again Melman. We did miss you. You will have to shout very LOUDLY when you want to go out.

  2. Melman I wondered where you had gone.
    So glad that you are off to The BBs retreat, I am sure you will have a great time. I hope Curly is out of hospital and fit to enjoy all the fun too.

  3. Have fun Melman! Monkey x

  4. melman that was so sad not being taken out and going away without you too!!
    hope you and Curly had fun at the retreat?
    I await the photos and news!
    love Clemmie xx