Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day out!!!

Not as exciting as what my friend Curly will be doing soon, but still,
they remembered to take me out!

We went to London this afternoon to look at Vincent van Gogh's art and
letters at the Royal Academy. John is a Friend, so we just walked in!

The pictures were very pretty, but it was very crowded. Not the best
place for midget giraffes like me, so I stayed in Laura's bag.

Afterwards they took me to see Liberty's, which is where Laura took
Alex when I was in America. Then we went to dinner in a pub and there
was beer!

On the train home a Student Vet was handing out chocolate. I wonder if
he could've vetted me if I was sick? Doubt he's dealt with giraffes! :)

Love Melman


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